I’m Kris McGuffie, writer, master life coach, mentor, connoisseur of absurdity, and captain of the good ship Metamorphosis.

If you’d like to get to know me a little better, take a tour of my blog.

Here’s the lowdown on coaching:

I equip you with a safety harness, hand over tools that will enable you to feel like a super hero, and help you to identify and reduce the suffering in your life.

During the coaching process, you are likely to discover the astounding facets of your authentic self. You begin integrating those insights into a life grounded in peace and fulfillment rather than a hamster-wheel existence mired in stress.

I coach the following groups of people:

  • Motivated and soulful people who are recovering from a life implosion (otherwise known as a massive crap storm).


  • Writers who are blocked, as in current daily word count (on anything beyond Facebook and Twitter): Zero. Mojave Desert over here. Help me. I’m thirsty. For words.


  • Dudes who feel disconnected from their authentic dudeliness. If you can’t guess what dudeliness is, or you’re overly concerned with the fact that I use made-up words, I’m probably not a solid match for you.

Here’s what writing mentoring is all about:

I support writers who are ready to discover exactly how far they can take their craft. Release the Kraken, y’all.

Mentoring is based in teaching and guiding. I help you to uncover your gifts and to embrace and hone your abilities while giving you practical tools, techniques, and methods to use in your approaches to writing.* 

Finally, there’s copywriting:

Effective copy is the steam that powers your business engine. Whether you sell products or services, you connect, build trust, and share the essence of your business through language. Words matter. Mosey on over here to explore your options.

*I have been known, on occasion, to provide some off-the-radar mentoring to new coaches. Allegedly. If this piques your interest and you want to chat about coach mentoring, please email a brief paragraph titled “Why I am Interested in Your Tomfoolery as a Coach Mentor.”

Intention. Connection. Empowerment.